Summer is coming. (2012)

I’m late on How to Dress Well because I let the name intimidate me/ turn me off. But I gave Tom Krell’s Total Loss a listen this morning and became an instant fan. I’m ashamed it took me this long; he’s too good to miss.

It really is one of life’s little treasures when you don’t have to scour and beg friends to check out a show with you.

For $16 I was able to get six friends onboard with little to no convincing.

Sky Ferreira & How to Dress Well
3/20- Bowery Ballroom- $16
Doors 8, Shows 9

I scoped you listening to this yesterday and was waiting for the post. And sorry, it’s my turn to not post anything… Thursday’s my last day and there’s some loose ends at work that need tying. I should probably be doing them now, too, but have been through a Coldplay, Kendrick, A$AP binge that needs refreshing. Not like I could sick of any of them, but you know.

Hoping the move back will alleviate the going-to-shows-solo problem. First day back - balcony seats and bottles for the Xx show at The Beacham (old Tatu downtown). So pumped, E. So. Pumped.

Thanks for all the new jams. Cat power. By far, the best. -sp

Balcony, bottles, and the XX. Sounds like you’re making some MON-AY. (or know someone that is)

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